The main achievements include: rolling of FAW Volkswagen Audi A6 threshold, rolling of overseas Audi A8 skylight reinforcement, rolling of SAIC Roewe i5 threshold, rolling of SAIC GM Buick new energy vehicle threshold, rolling of SAIC GM encoway plus threshold, rolling of FAW Hongqi H9 threshold, rolling of ideal qne threshold, bending of GAC Toyota veranda aluminum anti-collision beam, rolling and bending of Chery ant EQI door frame Southeast automobile DX7 / DX9 anti-collision beam rolling, Geely Jiaji anti-collision beam and threshold rolling, BAIC Jihu afox front and rear anti-collision beam rolling, etc.The main customers are: Shandong Yatong group, Jingjiang Xincheng Auto Industry Co., Ltd., Wuxi Asia Pacific Group, Ditong Industry Holding Group, Wuxi LANGXIAN Lightweight Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhu Ruizhuo Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Changchun Yingli Auto Industry Co., Ltd., Xiangyang Guangrui Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Chongqing Jindi auto decoration Co., Ltd Shanghai Yinghui Technology Development Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Mingbo Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., etc.